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Scorpios Takeover

Annabel's presents
14th November

Scorpios Takes Over Annabel's




For the first time, Scorpios ascends to London exclusively for Annabel's Members for an entire Club takeover. Each room in The Club will see Scorpios DJs taking over the decks, and Scorpios Chefs taking over the menu, bringing Mykonos to Mayfair through music and food for a fully immersive and authentic Scorpios experience.

Scorpios, a mecca for the creative and hedonistic, is one of the world's top beach club destinations, with five founding pillars; art, design, music, food and healing. Known for nurturing a diverse collection of renowned DJs, and a kitchen which focuses on carefully sourced, holistic cuisine, presenting simple, refined dishes that are infused with a Greek provenance yet bear the mark of Mediterranean and Oriental influences.

We are very excited about this epicurean collaboration - and look forward to enjoying the party with you!





The Nightclub and Jungle Bar welcome critically acclaimed Scorpios DJs, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski and Jean Claude Ades, and band Irrational PHI. Providing the soundtrack to the start of the evening are Irrational PHI, a band conscious of the irrational synergies life creates and the healing power of music. Their music will take you on a worldwide journey, through ethnic, afro and spiritual sounds, interpreted through a wide range of instruments and live sounds.

Dynamic Moscow duo Gorje & Izhevski take to the decks first with deep and progressive set celebrating soul, emotional, chromatic, poetic life-asserting music.

Following from Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, Jean Claude will be blending deep, soulful electronic house while weaving progressive and tribal elements into his musical journeys that transcend genre boundaries.

Also performing in The Nightclub is Islandman, born from the musical dreams of Istanbul based musician and producer Tolga Boyuk. Islandman performs on stage as an electro-acoustic live trio format. Their music can be described as a unique mix of mellow electronic structures and dance beats with spacey live guitars, backed up by shamanic rhythms. The power of the band comes from their perfect balance of electronic structures and acoustical harmonies.

The Nightclub and Jungle Bar will serve a Scorpios Set Menu with dishes including Charcoal Grilled Sea Bream served with Saffron Salt & Lemon Oil.

The Nightclub Dinner Reservations start from £130 pp (excluding service charge)

The Jungle Bar Table Reservations: £250 pp (excluding service charge)





Our evergreen oasis welcomes Valeron, an artist who is recognised as the top DJ of Mykonos, and one of the longest standing and omnipresent figures of the ever-shifting local music scene. Valeron leads 'Scorpios World' every Saturday at Scorpios, where he performs live alongside Greek musicians, introducing a unique combination of traditional Greek instruments with electronic beats.

The Garden & Rose Room will serve a Scorpios Menu all evening with dishes including Orzo Pasta with Lemon, served with Zucchini, Feta Cheese, Lemon Zest & Fresh Mint.

The Garden & Rose Room Dinner Reservations start from £130 pp (excluding service charge)





The Elephant Room sees music director and resident DJ of Scorpios, Lannka & Chris IDH provide the soundtrack for the evening. Taking the decks first is Chris IDH, who is considered one of the most successful and respected DJ and music producer in Greece. Chris IDH is known for producing atmospheric sounds influenced by melodic and emotional elements, echoing the organic textures of the cosmos and the deep bounds of existence.

Following on Chris IDH is Lannka, who is renowned for incorporating folkloric sounds with ancient rhythms and bringing them to life in the realm of deep house music. Lannka's unique and tribal beats will take you on a colourful musical journey.

The Elephant Room will serve a Scorpios Snack Menu all evening with dishes including Harissa Beef Tacos with Scorpios Loin Steak & Garnish.

The Elephant Room Table Reservations: £75 pp (excluding service charge)





Ohxalá is the musical project of Maria and Luis, who have thrived globally within the growing wave of ethnobeats. The duo explore a thematic cut with a focus on Portuguese, Brazilian and African culture, inspired by the strong rhythmic foundation of popular and ancient music. Their productions are full of field recordings and booming bass lines, they did not skimp on the effort to incorporate traditional ethnic folk elements into contemporary electronic music, making this project a unique musical experience.

The Mexican will serve a Scorpios Menu all evening will dishes including Slow-Roasted Leg of Greek Lamb on the bone, with a Herb Crust & Salsa Verde.

The Mexican Dinner Reservations start from £130 pp (excluding service charge)



That's music, entertainment and food sorted. And now for the drinks... With a cocktail menu specially created by the Scorpios' Bar Team. The menu will feature a selection of Scorpios' signature tequila cocktails all lovingly and expertly crafted with our favourite tequila, Casamigos.

With bespoke creations such as the Oaxaca Roots with Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Carrot Oleo, Averna, Casamigos Mezcal, Organic Honey and Lime Juice, transporting you to Mykonos with every sip.

#casamigos #houseoffriends




The Annabel's Team will be a dressed from head-to-toe in original CARAVANA attire, an artisanal brand from Mexico, which creates free-spirited, timeless pieces handmade by Native Mayan craftspeople. Combining cultures, aesthetics, elegance and a touch of nature all at once. The hands that craft their pieces possess wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation imbuing respect, purpose, and care which transcends trends or fashion. The artistry of CARAVANA fuses wisdom from ancient techniques with a contemporary twist, a new alchemy called “Neo-Artesania”. It is through a soul-to-soul connection that the CARAVANA Family creates a union beyond the body, meeting the frequency of the wearer and enhancing the beauty of their ANIMA to dance with nature together.

#caravana @caravanaland


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