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Safety Measures

Please note that the below measures are subject to change at any time.

The health and wellbeing of our Members and our staff is of the utmost importance to us. This has always been the case, however, now more than ever, safety measures are of paramount importance. We believe we cannot go ‘too far’ in providing re-assurance to our Members and staff and whilst the below measures might seem ‘extreme’ they are being implemented with the sole purpose of providing a safe environment for our Members to enjoy their Club in comfort. We want you our Members to feel as safe in your Club as you do in your own home.

In light of the government announcement on Tuesday, Annabel’s now closes at 10pm, and members are required to wear masks when they are not sat at the table. Please click here to see a full list of new and existing processes in place.


  • If you or any of your guests are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have been exposed to the virus within the previous 14 days we politely ask you not to visit the Club until you have isolated for 14 days and sought professional medical guidance.
  • As ever Members are responsible for their guests whilst their guests are in the Club.
  • We are all adapting to these new measures and to ensure a pleasant experience in your Club we would ask that our Members remain patient with one another and practice kindness and consideration as well as respect for your fellow Members’ and our employees.


  • The largest table that may be booked within the Club is for 8 people (in the restaurants) and a table of 10 people in the Private Rooms (in line with government guidelines)
  • Members are encouraged to make reservations prior to arriving at the Club, this is in order to avoid disappointment but also to allow the Club to stagger bookings and ensure over-crowding does not occur.
  • We would point out to Members that if they arrive without reservations we cannot guarantee a table but of course will always do our best to accommodate requests.
  • Your Club will be operating at reduced capacity due to social distancing measures therefore we appreciate your patience and understanding when requesting a reservation.


  • We will have ‘state of the art thermal imaging camera and temperature check technology’ (as used in airports) in the reception of every Club – monitoring the temperature of everyone who arrives at the Club.
  • Our employees will refrain from any physical contact with members. We would encourage our Members not to encourage physical contact with our employees.
  • Valet parking will no longer be available until further notice.
  • Our doormen will open the door for members
  • All reception desks will be fitted with screens to protect our employees and give comfort to our members
  • We no longer require Membership Cards to be produced upon arrival – Members are requested to verbally provide their name at Reception when they arrive.
  • All jackets and blazers that are available for Members or their guests to borrow will be stored in plastic covers, having previously been steam cleaned and treated with the electro static spray gun.
  • All coats & bags checked into the cloakrooms will be cleaned with the electro-static gun (this technology has been tested extensively and is proven to be effective but cause no harm). If you do not wish for this we encourage you not to bring coats and bags to the Club.
  • Suitcases and very large bags can no longer be accommodated in the Cloakroom
  • We will no longer be providing newspapers in the Clubs


  • There will be two options for ordering your food and drinks:
    • Single use card menus (the menu will be disposed of after every use)
    • You may view the menu, food & wine list, either on your own device by scanning a QR code or by using one of our iPads which is thoroughly cleaned between use
  • The dining tables will be fully cleaned and sanitised between use. Hospital grade anti viral cleaner will be used on the table & electro-static spray will be used on the upholstery (chairs & banquettes)
  • We have reduced our menu and some dishes have been removed to allow for the team in the kitchen to be socially distanced.
  • Only two members of staff will serve each table for the duration of the meal
  • Condiments will be single use – and disposed of once used
  • Salt & Pepper grinders will be removed after members have used them – the salt & pepper grinders will be taken away, sanitised and put back into circulation 24 hours later
  • Whilst food travels from the kitchen to the restaurant it will be covered
  • Sanitiser spray bottles will be available on every table and at every bar and reception desk – Members may keep these bottles for their use.
  • We encourage our members to pay by card rather than cash where possible.


  • ‘Air filtration units (99% effective in killing the MRSA and H1N1 viruses, which are part of the same RNA Coronavirus family) have been installed in the Club’
  • The Clubs have been reconfigured and adapted to allow for social distancing between tables.
  • Screens have been fitted in some areas to provide greater comfort
  • Some furniture has been removed to allow for extra circulate space and avoid congestion and pinch points
  • The lifts within Annabel’s are to be used by maximum two people at any one time
  • Where possible doors will be propped open to minimise the need for people to touch door handles and to encourage better ventilation
  • Windows will be opened where possible to increase ventilation throughout the Club.
  • A Covid-19 Risk Assessment will be carried out for every Club in advance of opening.


o Bathroom attendants will be present to ensure there is no overcrowding

o Door handles, taps and other surfaces will be cleaned in between use

o We will now only have disposable hand towels

o Hand sanitiser will be available at every basin

o There will be either screens between basins or every other basin will be out of use to allow for the comfort of members

o Lavatories will be cleaned after every use


o We will have a full time Medical Team working across all our Clubs within Mayfair, monitoring our employees, checking them for symptoms and giving them advice and support

o All our employees will have an antibody test before returning to work and periodically thereafter – our Medical Team will oversee all testing


o We will have full time ‘Hygiene Ambassadors’ in the Club throughout the day. The Hygiene Ambassadors’ sole responsibility will be to monitor the cleaning of the Club and to ensure that every aspect of our hygiene standards are being adhered to.

o Electro-Static Cleaning technology will be used throughout the Club during the day. This technology kills virus and bacteria particles without causing damage to surfaces or items.

o We will now be using hospital-grade anti-viral cleaning products that are proven to kill virus and bacterial particles on surfaces. This will be used throughout the club including tables, door handles, hand rails and lift buttons, all touch points

o There will now be a deep clean of the Club every night after closure (in addition to thorough cleaning throughout the day)

o The entire Club has been professionally disinfected before opening and this will happen twice a week.


o Any member of staff with a temperature will not be allowed entry to the site and will be asked to return home safely and to seek medical attention including having a Covid-19 Swab Test

o Any member of staff presenting with any symptoms at all will not be allowed entry to the site and will be asked to return home safely and to seek medical attention including having a Covid-19 Swab Test

o All employees will be temperature checked upon arrival for every shift – all employees will also take their temperature every day and log it onto a Health Monitoring Platform via an app

o Extra portable free standing wash hand basins to be located throughout the Club (back of house) to allow staff to wash hands easily and often (at least every 20mins)

o Full and thorough training for all employees on essential hygiene and Covid-19 specific safety measures

o Daily safety briefings will take place.

o Hand washing every twenty minutes and hand sanitiser used throughout service.

o Where possible, teams will working together in a work ‘bubble’

o All back of house employees will wear face masks and those face masks to be changed every 2 hours

o Employees to be supplied with face masks to travel to and from work

o Bicycle storage for staff is being installed to encourage travel by bicyle

o We are implementing a new delivery and drop off system for all deliveries to the Club – to ensure minimal contact with third parties for our back of house staff.

o Back of house staff will be working in an environment that allows for social distancing


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